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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you may have heard, this is the anniversary of january 6th. and in commemoration of that we have donned the official network approved solemn anchor outfit. white shirt, navy tie. message, reverent. but if you take three steps back as historical events go if we are being honest now, january 6th barely rates as a footnote. really not a lot happened that day if you think about it.
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the presidential election was not overturned, the capital was not destroyed, the government wasn't toppled no matter what you may have heard. not a single elected official was injured, thank god. police got shoved, unfortunately. punches were thrown, but the only person who wound up dead from violence was an unarmed protester who was shot to death without warning by a cop. none of the so-called insurrectionist had guns. when was the last time you saw an insurrection like that? looking back you probably would call what happened on january 6th a riot. we have called it that. but really only just a riot. maybe just barely. by recent standards it was an embarrassingly tepid effort. no one even bothered to set a fire or spray paint slogans on the walls.ta the question is why are we still talking about this? why are leaders obsessing over this event? every single one of the last 365 days, the propaganda machine has been at 11, ginning up noise of january 6th to deafening levels. and it's not stopping. in fact, after all the time,
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amazingly the yelling is getting louder and wilder and still more disconnected from reality. why are they doing this? it's not for voters. look at the polls. voters are not very interested in hearing about this anymore. and you can see why. year after the election, doesn't make sense, it's not relevant to their lives. everyone agrees january 6th was ugly, but was it really a greater threat to america than, say, inflation? than opening the southern border and admitting 200 people whose b identities we can't confirm? yeah. they tell us january 6th was scary. reporters were very afraid, but is it scarier than what is going on tonight in upscale shopping malls in atlanta, where people w are getting shot to death in the parking lot? it's a crime but it is a greater crime then the drug y epidemic
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that has killed more americans in the last year? probably not. and yet protesters who walked to the capitol that day are still in jail tonight a year later. the sackler family, the group that destroyed rural america with oxycontin got off with a fine. they are still billionaires. and so on and so on. so it is a tough sell telling normal people that this is a world historic event. so why are they still saying that? there are reasons actually peered over the next hour we are going to do our best to explain withth those reasons are and wht actually happened. but first, today's reaction. t we begin with kamala harris. never a master of subtlety, you will not be surprised, her speech today, she bypassed the subtlety. harris compared the events of january 6th to pearl harbor and then to 9/11. did she really say that, you ask? oh, yes, she did. here's the clip. >> certain dates echo throughout history, including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under
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assault. december 7th, 1941, september 11th, 2001. and january 6th, 2021. >> tucker: you know, january 6th, one of those indelible moments you can't forget, like the birth of your first child, the kennedy assassination, the moon landing. you've got to ask yourself, where were you when cnn claimed for the very first time that our democracy was under assault? chances are you were probably standing at an airport waiting on the plane and wishing to god someone would turn the sound down on the tv set bolted to the ceiling. because it's absurd. and so is that clip you just heard. it's ridiculous. it's a ridiculous we are not even going to bother to deconstruct it once again or attempt to refute it or discredit it, as if kamala harris could be further discredited. but not to be outdone in the hyperbole olympics, her boss/subordinate, pick one, bojoe biden decided to up the historical stakes, assuming that is possible, in a separate
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speech which we are not going to show tonight because it wass awful and weird. biden told the country than a fact symbolically january 6th was worse than the civil war, the american civil war. that would be the war that killed more than a million people. january 6th was worse than thatd onbecause somebody held a naughy flag. it is so far beyond parity at this point it is hard to knoww how to assess it. where did this come from customers obviously joe biden and kamala harris don't write their own material. neither one of them are capable of writing more than a text message with the emojis, but some human beings that down and type those words and read them on the screen, a speechwriter and you wonder if the speechwriter felt shame as he did that. 9/11? pearl harbor, the civil war? your face will go read even thinking something like that. but these people have no shame in that definitely goes to the national media, they were out in force today. so in case you are still wondering after all these years
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if there is such a thing as a coordinated message campaign where someone gets on a call and says here's what we are saying today for political effect, in case that is even a question in your mind, we sat down with a pen today and counted at least eight separate television anchors who described january 6th as 1 of the darkest days in our history.ed exact same words. it's not simply that they all love cliches because they are dumb, but of course that is true, but they all said it together like they always do. this was on three separate tv networks. there were more than three but we finally felt sick and gave up watching.. but it was msnbc as usual, went all the way for the prize in grotesque array today. the joy reid network found a guy called doug brinkley, one of those television historians who has never actually written anything, to just come right out and compare january 6th to auschwitz. he knew that was coming. now this is repulsive. but as historians we feel duty bound to show you what actually happened.
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watch doug brinkley. >> liz cheney has become our true profile for courage. she reminds us of brave republicans in the past like abraham lincoln, theodore roosevelt, robert j smith, john mccain. but we have film footage of what happened on january 6th. we have proof. dwight eisenhower during world war ii make sure all the holocaust camps were filmed, so we've got the film footage, january 6th has to be a crusade that is every day as "the new york times" op ed said, every day is january 6th, so we are in a real neo-civil war and it's a battle of democracy versus a nativist authoritarianism. >> tucker: we are in a kind of civil war. but more specifically -- a furious statement condemningng doug brinkley for trivializing, which he just we will let you know when we get that statement. in the meantime doug brinkley was right about one thing, there
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are an awful lot of images showing what happened inside the capital on january 6th. we don't have to guess for the most part. we are going to show one of them because it is frankly representative. oohere's the terrifying scene on the floor of the united states senate as insurrectionist swept in. watch. [shouting] >> [bleep] man, glad to see you guys. you guys [bleep], look at this guy, god bless you. you good, sir? you need medical attention? >> i'm all right. [indistinct] >> i got shot with some kind of? plastic bullets. [indistinct] >> i just want to let you know, this is like the sacred-est place. >> tucker: that is the qanon shaman, he is doing years for that and only that but the most interesting line in that clip ie
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what the armed police officer says in that exchange to thest dangerous qanon shaman, who is still rotting in prison. "any chance i could get you guys to leave the senate wing?" any chance i could get you guys to leave the senate wing? not even leave the building, just the senate wing. can you hear the terror in that officer's voice? [shouting] >> police are squabbling with protesters! oh, there we go! [shouting] and they just reach the capital again. >> tucker: okay, so that film was jumped a little ahead of the game there but what you just saw there is what you so if you were watching the coverage life that day. okay? if you were watching january 6th unfold in real time and you were probably like most people no matter who you voted for kind of
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shocked by it. people swarming around the capital, that is not good. but then you saw something pretty strange. he saw the police, who are in charge of securing the perimeter, move aside theet barricades and let the protesters, or rioters are insurrectionist, but if you want to call them, let them in the building. so why did they do that? now we know conclusively because an awful lot has been reported on it, much divulged by the u.s. government, many knew there was going to be a significant protest that day. they were prepared. they were snipers on standby so why exactly where the protesters allowed in, welcomed in by law enforcement? there may be a reason for that. we are not doubting there is an honest explanation, we justt don't know what it is.or no one has ever explained that. liz cheney, who has berated the country and the most self-righteous way for weeks,d months now telling us we need to get to the bottom of everything
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that happened, totally uninterested in finding out why that happened, which everyone who was watching tv saw. and there are other questions you just don't make sense. these are not conspiracy theories, these are sincere questions based on actual footage. we brought this up a couple times. as a man called ray epps who was a longtime conservative activist. he was captured on camera at least three times, possibly more, encouraging people on january 6th and the day before, january 6th eve, january 5th, encouraging protesters to stormm the capital. here's one tape. [cheering]
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[chanting] >> tucker: that is ray epps. again, we should that you g before. congressman asked the attorney general, what is that about?>> is he going to be charged? he was on the fbi most wanted list and now he's not. attorney general refused to answer the question. no one has answered the question. it's not a conspiracy theory, it's a legitimate question. why want to answer it and what is the answer? there are multiple like this but we are going to leave you with one other example. this man has been dubbed by internet sleuths as the scaffold commander. he was shot from a variety of different angles on videotape on the january 6th appearing to give orders to the crowd from an elevated position. there's really no doubt, if you watch the tapes and they are all available online, if you're interested, that this guy was coordinating the movement of the
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crowd toward and into the united states capitol. he was caught directly on camera, the facial recognition software out there, probably not too hard to find out who this guy is. if fbi agents can fly to alaska and hassle old ladies on social security because they were present, they can probably find this guy. and yet as far as we know, this guy who clearly had some kind of management role that day, has not been arrested or charged or even publicly identified. what is that about? >> okay, we're in, we are in, come on! we've got to fill up the capitol, come on! come now, we need help! we are going to fill up the capitol! climb up over the wall, get in those bleachers! >> tucker: so there he is, scaffold commander, commanding i the crowd to break the law, exhorting them forward to break the law. there was the largest manhunt in american history conducted after this day, january 6th.
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we are still talking about it and was interested in finding out who he is. why is that? we would not know anything about this were not for revolver news, who is not only done the best reporting on january 6th but virtually the only reporting on elements of january 6th. b totally legitimate question. darren beattie, thanks so much for coming on, so i just want to check two facts really quick. ray epps and the man at the topy of the tower commanding the m crowd to break the wall have not been arrested or charged as far as you know. is that correct?re >> that is correct and its action more remarkable than that. ray epps is the only person in the mountain of video evidence caught dead to rights saying we need to go into the capital and following up on his mission the next day. not only is he not charge, he's not searched.
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the january 6th committee has not issued a subpoena in the latest information on epps from the fbi is claiming they don'tno know he even exists. scaffold commander, same situation. unresearched, unindicted, seemingly no interest in him and there are cast of other characters who played a decisive role in the very beginning of january 6th creating the conditions to turn the event from a rally into a riot, cutting fences, moving barriers, inciting the crowd. all of these characters covered in the revolver dot news piece. mounds of evidence, unindicted and it makes more sense. it really doesn't make any sense, i want to trust everybody, i think mostoe americans do, i want to say, what is the legitimate explanation for this and i honestly can't think of one and be as fair as you can, can you?
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>> i really can't. one could say absolutely gross incompetence. the only problem is ray epps is observed to the fbi on a silver platter. the fbi included him as one of the 20 most wanted people. they said please help us identify him. the internet identified him like two days later and the fbi has done nothing. and so it's really, i am at a loss for an innocent explanation for these discrepancies. >> tucker: can you imagine why someone like liz cheney but let's be honest, virtually every republican leader in congress has ignored this. why would they not want to get to the bottom of such an obvious and important question? >> well, because what the evidence suggests is arguably one of the biggest scandals in american history. left alone, january 6th is a big nothing burger but if it turns out that some of the key instigators in the key figures who played a role in turning this from a rally into a riot
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are actually informants of the government or even agents of the government, this is extremely damning to the elements of the government and it is completely destroyed it's a false narrative they are trying to engineer on the basis of this story, which is that trump supporter's are effectively domestic terrorists. >> tucker: i don't want to believe that is true but if it is not sure what is the other answer? i don't think anyone watching should feel embarrassed to ask this question to let anyone break you into silence by calling conspiracy. i appreciate your report on this, it's unbelievable and great. >> thank you a much darker. >> tucker: our three-partpr investigation into what actually happened on january 6th is called "patriot purge" and took a look at what many on the lefta are referring to as the dash of america. here's part of it. >> as legacy americans. >> how are we really going to almost deprogram these people
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who have signed up for the cult of trump? >> tucker: inconvenient citizens who vote the wrong way? >> was someone on my team called early -- >> tucker: the so called -- of iraqi society began. >> the hunt is on. they occupied their capital. >> tonight in washington, d.c., a green zone perimeter has been established. >> tucker: hunted down supporters of the former iraqi regime. >> the national guard scoured for explosives and extremists. >> tucker: we purge the military and all supporters of the former regime. none of this has ever taken place on american soil, until now. >> tucker: we took a lot of heat for making that and spent a lot of time making that and put a lot of people on that story, because it is worth it. throughout history you see
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events, everyone it would happened and it's been rewritten to justify some sort ofat political activity that is essentially a legitimate. we don't want that to happen here. we saw what happened on january 6th.ti we don't know the answer to every question but the basics are really obvious and we want to establish them before the liars can change history. we think that's worth it. senator ted cruz of texas yesterday called the january 6th the rioters "violent terrorists. but they weren't violent terrorists. not even close. ted cruz joins us in just a moment to explain. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so at the capitol today as we told you, kamala harris will literally read anything that arises on the teleprompter in front of her, read a script that compared january 6th to pearl harbor w ad 9/11 and we are quoting, dates that are occupied not only place on our calendars but a place in our memory. december 7th, 1941, september 11th, 2001, and january 6th, 2021. it's easy to mock that is obviously ludicrous but also may
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be if you fought this country's wars, more than ludicrous. maybe it is offensive. joke and has fought this country's wars for many years as a career soldier, he's not running running for congress and we wish him well on that, thanks so much for coming on. what was your reaction when you were the vice president of the united states say this? >> i was offended because it's obviously appalling and ridiculous. but exactly what she's doing, i thought these wars before and i have seen this before. what kamala harris is doing an joe biden is doing is they're taking very powerful imagery and sing the attack on pearl harbor, the attack on 9/11, this is the same thing that took place on january 6th because that allows people to compare trump supporter's to nazis, to actual members of al qaeda. >> tucker: right. >> with that imagery comes the justification to turn the tools of the state against them. >> tucker: i can't believe you're running for congress, that is such a smart and obvious analysis and i wish i had set u before you said it but i think
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that is exactly right. these words were not chosen by accident, correct? >> that's right, these are very deliberate. we've seen this in a book before, because leading up to the iraq war that they have some intelligence, there's something they can't tell us but we have to trust them, it's a very, very dangerous but we have to give them the authority to send us into world war, a new war but that where is here in that war is against the deplorable trump supporter's, whatever you want to call us and that war has allowed them to deprive citizens of constitutional rights, those who are still sitting in a gout log in washington, d.c., deprived of their rights and even other americans who dissent from the current regime's narrative. look no further than what they did to the parents who had the audacity to's show up to school board meetings. they had the fbibi counterterrorism centers turned against them. >> tucker: no wonder liz cheney is for this. >> exactly, she showed up magically again today making a great reappearance to there is no coincidence they are. >> tucker: it's also wrong.
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joke and, thank you so much foro coming on tonight come appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> tucker: we played this tape last night, we were surprised by it. we prefaced it by saying every conservative appreciate ted cruz because he is one of the smartest and most articulate people in congress and he is conservative but he preferred publicly to what happened on january 6th as violent terror attack.ti here it is. >> we are approaching a solemn anniversary this week and it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the capitals where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery, risk their lives to defend the men and women who serve in this capital. >> tucker: senator cruz's game enough to come on tonight, he joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. there are a lot of dumb people in congress. you are not one of them. smarter than i am. and you never use words
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carelessly. and yet you call this a terror attack when bino definition was it a terror attack. that was a lie. you told that lie on purpose and i'm wondering why you did. >> thank you for having me on. when you married your episode a last night i sent you a check shortly thereafter and said i would like to go on because the way i phrase things yesterday, it was sloppy and frankly dumb -- >> tucker: i don't buy that. well, well, while! i've known you long timelo since before he went to senate. you were a supreme court contender. you take words as seriously as anyone in the senate. he repeated that phrase, i do not believe you used that accidentally. i just don't. >> tucker, as a result of my sloppy phrasing it's caused a lot of people to misunderstandni what i meant. let me tell you what i meant to say. what i was referring to are the limited number of people who engaged in violent attacks against police officers. i think you and i that if he was all to police officer, you should go to jail.
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that is who i was talking about. and the reason the phrasing was sloppy is i have talked dozens if not hundreds of times. i've drew a distinction -- i wasn't saying the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting donald trump are somehow i didn't say the millions of patriots cross-country supporting trump are terrorists, that is what a lot of people misunderstood -- >> tucker: hold on, what you just said doesn't even make sense. if someone assaults a copy he should go to jail, i couldn't agree more. t we said that for years. but the person is still not a terrorist. how many people of been charged with terrorism on january 6th? why did you use that word? you're playing into the other side's characterization, thatnts joe can just explained, allows them to define an entire population is foreign combatants.
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and you know that, so why did you do that? >> let me answer you directly for the reason i used that word, for a decade i've referred to people who violently assault ho police officers as terrorists. i've done so over and over and over again. if you look at all these health we've seen across the country, i have called that terrorism over and over again. that being said, tucker, i agree with you, it was a mistake to say that yesterday and the reason is what you just said. we have now had a year of democrats and the media twisting words and trying to say that aly of us are terrorists. trying to say you are a terrorist, i am a terrorist and look, i don't like people who assault cops. >> tucker: well, of >> and i stand up and defend cops and the reason i used that word is that is what i always used for people who violently attack cops. but in this context i get why people were angry because we have had to give the correct corporate media and democrats claiming anyone who objected to the election fraud -- and by the way, remember what was happening -- >> tucker: wait, wait, wait, can i just ask, i guess i just don't believe you.d and i mean that with respect, because i have such respect for your acuity and your precision.
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i've seen it on display, i've covered you as a reporter, i know how you speak. and you have sat there for a year and watch people use language to distort the events of that day intentionally.y. insurrection, coup, terrorism! >> of course -- saying it was an insurrection is a political term, it's alive, i have repeatedly denounced it. look, i was focusing on what i normally say. what you aired was a little 15 second snippet. what i normally say is violence is wrong, peaceful protest isas right. a if you engage in violence you should be prosecuted. if you're speaking you have a right to speak. >> tucker: all right. >> i say that all the time. >> tucker: who is ray epps by the way, since you are a senator? he and this other guy are clearly encouraging the crowd to commit crimes. neither one has been arrested or charged. what is that, do you think?
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>> i think that is a very good question. i don't know who ray epps is. i've seen the video multipleoo times, it is disturbing. he's clearly urging the crowd te violate the law. when you see the crowd started chanting "fed! fed! fed!" for him to appear on the fbi's most wanted list and come off it it certainly suggests he was working for the fbi. that is not conclusive but the attorney general and thehe department of justice won't answer the question. i joined with a number of other senators trying biden in the doj to answer, where so many prisoners in solitaryy confinement, why are they being treated so much worse than the antifa rioters and the people who commit of firebombing and a year of riots across the country in this biden doj won't go after them. let me also make a quick point, while thousands of people were standing up to defend this country on january 6th, at that exact moment i was standing on the senate floor objecting to the election results, demanding
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that we impanel election committee to examine evidence of voter fraud and i brought 11 senators to join me in supporting getting to the bottom of that.el so of course, it would be ridiculous for me to be saying that the people standing up protesting to follow the law are somehow i was talking about people who commit violence against cops. and you and i both agree, if you attack a copy should go to jail. >> tucker: yeah, but you are not a terrorist. you are just not. as a legal difference as you know better than i do since you were actually in the running for the supreme court, and there is a moral difference between a guy --ro >> but the reason i've use that word is i've used that word for people who violently assault cops. i used that word all in 2020 for the antifa and blm terrorist who assaulted cops and firebombed police cars, but i agree it was a mistake to use the word yesterday.
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>> tucker: all right. >> but because the democrats in corporate media have so politicized it. they're trying to paint everybody is a terrorist and it is a lie. by the way i've spoken out vocally against, they want to paint us as nazis. >> tucker: i know, scary. >> that is what they are trying to do. i'm the one leading the fight in the senate against this garbage and it's what i have been doing and what i will continue to do. >> tucker: i appreciate your coming on tonight. thank you very much, senator ted cruz of texas. the democrats who continue to show their outrage over january 6th are the very same people who defended riots by blm and antifa throughout the entire summer of 2020. you knew that. we are going to remind you in some detail after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: if you were watching the coverage today much of what was happening on capitol hill, what is the word for it? circus, zoo? wathose aren't even powerful enough to describe the
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flamboyant absurdity and craziness of what the democratic party brought us today. nancy flows come this really had to be the high water mark, front and special musical guests to celebrate, commemorate, observe? january 6th. kevin corke is the story for us. >> good evening tucker. on a day when not nearly enough was said about ashley babbitt and arguably too much was said about what actually didn't happen on the sixth of january last year, it was all the more remarkable and dare i say hard to imagine a more cringeworthy turn of events that took place at the capitol when house speaker nancy pelosi for a brief time during what was us affected to be an occasion of solemnity to lin-manuel miranda. >> we are published of a contribution from one of the great creative talents of our time, lin-manuel miranda. may his beautiful words be an inspiration to us. >> we should never take our
10:39 pm
rights and liberty for granted. that is what i wrote in "hamilton."ur [singing] >> after the performance members of congress were heard clapping as nancy pelosi says the earth have a way of that connect and as you can imagine there were howls aplenty from quite frankly over on twitter. quip journalist michael tracy, y another lesson on why you should alwaysys operate on the default assumption that parody and reality have merged. tucker? >> tucker: the great kevin corke. thanks. >> you bet. >> tucker: you've got to think about this for a second, if you're nancy pelosi near desperate to convince a skeptical country that
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january 6th is on par with 9/11 in the civil war and pearl harbor, commits a country that you need to take this with the utmost serious and reverence and send their dimes in washington to build the january 6th memorial on the ball. if that is your goal, why would you invite the cast of "hamilton" to sing songs on a zoom call? seems counterproductive. of course the answer is because they can't help themselves, that is who they are. so you may have remembered since talking about violence to our democracy, the summer of 2020,my blm and antifa set fire to a lot of american cities. here's what that looks like. [shouting]ce [shouting]
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>> tucker: it's hard to believe that happened in this country. if we are to be honest it is hard to believe the federal ministry she didn't send troops and immediately. we all sat back and watched it. then we watch the people in charge certainly in our business community and among politicians endorse these riots and send money to help theus rioters. kamala harris is at the very front of that group. s she literally praised blm for its role in the violence. watch. >> black lives matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system because it has been a counterforce to the force within the system that is so grounded in the status quo and in its own traditions, many of which have been harmful and discriminatory in the way that they've been enforced. >> tucker: that wasn't that long ago but it's relevant what
10:42 pm
we are seeing today because it's about threats to our democracy, which we take from all of this? jason whitlock is the host of "fearless" enjoins us tonight. jason, thanks so much for coming on. so how do youe square this circle? some violence okay, others forbidden? what does that mean? >> i think they are directly connected as you pointed out. i think people all said during the summer of george floyd, saint george floyd, throughout 2020 and had that violence shoved down our throats and told that this is appropriate and these people have every right to do this and we watched our lawmakers defend this. our vice president, she wasn't a vice president then but candidate then, defended this and was offering money to pay the bail for these lawless people, so i think people on january 6th have been fed this diet. we are frustrated and like, what is going on with our country?
10:43 pm
our lawmakers, the people defending america, to keep us safe and to keep things not in total chaos and anarchy are letting us down, let's go to the capital and let these guys know that we are frustrated and that someone needs to be a voice for us and needs to be a voice of common sense and so i'm sorry, i have to say this. i'm so pleased with you, that interview you just had with ted cruz is so vitally important. this is what has been missing in terms of making sure that we are a voice for the common man and the common people and hold our politicians accountable. ted cruz needed to be held accountable for the stupid things he said yesterday. i'm so proud of you for doing it. it's how we heal this country. we can't allow these politicians to play politics and demonize ad group of americans who just want this country to be run the way
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it used to be run, and needs to be fair for everybody in the way criminals aren't empowered to take over this country. >> tucker: that is exactly right, and these aren't partisan concerns. i don't think any party by definition should have a monopoly on our loyalty. i think they should have to earn hiit. we are citizens commits our country, no? >> no question about it and listen, we have to be willing to defend people that aren't exactly like us. >> tucker: yes. >> i'm not the typical trump supporter. >> tucker: [laughs] >> i didn't grow up like a lot ]f people on january 6th. they are not for my community, but they deserve a voice in this country no different than my father deserved a voice, i deserve a voice, my mother deserved a voice.
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these are american citizens, they have rights in this country and they need to be defended and they need to be heard because if we don't hear them they are just going to get more and more and more frustrated. and let's not kid ourselves and i will say it and i will say is on this, what happened on january 6th in comparison to what we saw in 2020, for anybody to call january 6th terrorism and look at what we all went through and watched with our own eyes in 2020, it's a joke. we know who the terrorists are, we know who was using violence to seize power, and it was black lives matter and antifa and all the people on the left and again, i just have to applaud you and say your voice is so important and thank god you made ted cruz, held him accountable and i will give ted cruz credit for admitting he made a mistake. >> tucker: i agree with that. and for coming on. i definitely think it's worth pointing out that it takes bravery to explain yourself. jason whitlock, thank you.u. believe it or not a year later
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there are still many american citizens being held in detention simply for being presentlo on january 6th. there is no evidence they committed any violence, they have not been convicted of any crime. is there any precedent for that american history?? straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: january 6 kicked off a massive crackdown on the most basic civil rights by the justice department against trump voters and conservatives more broadly. that is the political effect and that is the historical effect of 9/11. we actually interviewed a couple of people who were hounded by the federal government, punished, thrown in handcuffs because they went to the rally january 6th. there were a lot of people not charged or even accused of violent crimes but still in jail.dc julie kelly has been one of the only reporters consistently reporting the story the last she is the author of "january 6th: how democrats used the capitol protes to launch abe war on terror against political right." julie, thank you so much foror coming on.
10:52 pm
i know this is a huge topic, but give us a super quick overview of what the justiceh department did after january 6th? >> so they immediately started rounding up trump supporters,, arresting them within days of the protest. i think you will remember because you talk about this quite extensively in "patriot purge" and referred to the first 100 arrests as a shock campaign. they were rounding people up using social media accounts, et cetera, to arrest people and some drag to this political prison they opened up in washington, d.c. specifically to house january 6th defendants. so tucker, at least the justice department requested pretrial attention for at least 100 january 6th defendants and right now 83 men are held behind bars, some of whom have been incarcerated since the middle of january last year awaiting trials that won't start until april or may of this year.
10:53 pm
and so, that is -- the process is the punishment, but they are political prisoners. they have been denied constitutional rights especially a speedy trial. judges have been signing off on discovery trials. it is really a travesty. >> tucker: may i ask you a question? of those since i know you know the cases so well, you often hear people have committed no violence and are rotting in jail with no adequate lawyer. the people who have been in jail for a year now, are there some not accused of violence? >> yes, there are several men who are accused of no violent crime. when i say violent, no one charged with attacking police officers, destroying property, bringing a weapon. people charged with conspiracy or obstruction of basic trespassing charges who have been denied bail simply because considered a danger to the community because they participated in the alleged
10:54 pm
insurrection. now, most of the people charged with assaulting police officers, but even in that case, they are still entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process. this is only what the government based on the governments reevidence. so now, we have 83 -- they are adding every single week. the justice department wants more political prisoners and again delaying trials until the middle or even towards the end of this year. >> tucker: your reporting has been unbelievable. other news organizations do not even do anything but ignore you because there is no refuting the information. julie kelly, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we will be right back.ut ♪ ♪ could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin.
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>> and so our hour-long
11:00 pm
commemoration of the first anniversary of january 6th comes to a close. that's it, we won't talk about that again. it happened, it was ugly and it is over. but we are not in charge. there is too much political advantage pretending it was a civil war. we will be back every weeknight, 8:00 p.m., with the best night with the loved ones and ladies and gentlemen, the great sean hannity takes over. >> the gas lighting from democrats the mob and hysteria crocodile tears and now, 9/11, pearl harbor and even the holocaust complete with a special performance with the cast of "hamilton. a clown show on a spectacular level and we will bring you much needed truth into this conversation. we will point out the hypocrisy the double standards, lying, grandstanding and who really is responsible for not protecting the capitol that the mob will never


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